A contemporary jewelry brand for the modern women.

VIZZ Jewelry is the brainchild of the collaborative couple Thomas T. and Carmen U., and over the past 11 years they have designed and produced a number of successful jewelry collections for international brands. Their works have been exhibited in Paris, Denmark, and Hong Kong.

The launch of VIZZ Jewelry, an independent jewelry brand for the modern women, was inspired by an idea to integrate contemporary art and high fashion with avant-garde jewelry. Not only do the jewelry collections emphasize on product aesthetics and quality, but also an intellectual discourse on the design development.

Our purpose is to create “wearable sculptures” that express the personality of the wearers.


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trend is a collective thought and action in a particular time-space; and fashion is the perfect way to portray this identity. i love to experiment the possibility of color, material and form to achieve a distinctive sensibility.

Carmen U., co-founder