The debut collection designed by Sara Shamsavari, in collaboration with VIZZ Jewelry. 

Kimiya in Farsi means alchemy: the transmutation of matter, in particular the conversion of base metals into gold. This is a metaphor for the transformative power journeys have in shaping our character and identities as multidimensional and non-binary. 

Influenced by her heritage and experiences, visually and conceptually, the collection blends materials typically used in the exquisite jewelry of ancient Persia, with the modern, cosmopolitan society Sara grew up in. The result is a collection full of movement that embodies the qualities of freedom, transformation, and justice that undergird Sara’s life and work. 

Sara Shamsavari 

Sara Shamsavari is a British-Iranian interdisciplinary artist based in London. Drawing on her Iranian heritage and experiences, Sara explores themes of global identity, inclusion, and transformation. Sara’s work has been exhibited internationally for over 20 years and featured in major publications including The Guardian and The New York Times.

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